Marketing Materials

Whether you are creating a simple brochure or developing an in-depth campaign, Allegra can provide you with memorable marketing materials that you would be proud to display. If you are in need of new promotional materials and you do not know where to start, our knowledgeable and creative staff will work with you to develop stunning materials that meet your needs. Our marketing materials include brochures, flyers, postcards, calendars, and much more!


Informational brochures are an effective tool for promoting upcoming events and informing customers about new products or services. Our high quality, full-colour brochures are printed on gloss or matte paper, then creased and folded to create an eye-catching final product.
Brochures present business information in a clear and concise way, which makes them a great for mail out campaigns! Consider designing your brochure to a smaller size to accommodate to mailing standards, and include it as one of your marketing materials in your next multichannel marketing campaign.
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Are you trying to send an important message to your clients and prospects in an economical way? We have the solution for you! Flyers are a very cost-efficient way to convey a message to a large amount of people. They can be handed out to individuals or sent out as a mailer. We supply 8.5″ x 11″ full-colour or B&W flyers, printed on matte or gloss text weight paper. If you are interested in sending out an unaddressed mail campaign, Allegra can help prepare your marketing materials to the Canada Post specifications, as well as deliver your flyers to the designated Canada Post outlet. Contact us for more information!
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Whether you are displaying your postcards within your business or sending an addressed mail out, postcards add a personal touch to your message. Print your postcards out in full-colour on gloss or matte cover stock. Postcards are ideal for promoting upcoming events or informing readers about new products or services. Our variable data services can help reduce the amount of time spent on preparing postcards for distribution by printing the customer information right onto the postcard.
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Calendars are a long-lasting marketing strategy that stay with your customers for the entire year. Not only will an eye-catching calendar enhance the look of any business or office, it is also a great for promoting annual events or sales. Our calendars are printed in full-colour on high-gloss stocks, and finished with saddle-stitching, cerlox, or coil binding.
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