Building customer relationships

by allegra on August 4, 2012

As a business owner it is essential to create strong and long-lasting relationships with your prospects and customers. Developing a relationship and gaining the trust of prospects and clients can be challenging, but once as it is established the outcome can be very rewarding. Brand loyal customers generally order on a regular basis and aid in lead generation through word-of-mouth advertising. Here are a few ways a business owner can establish long-lasting business relationships and earn the trust of their clients.

Every prospect that you target is just as busy as you are! Being considerate of their timelines and responsibilities is integral to gaining their trust. We all know important projects and deadlines come up out of nowhere, so contact clients prior to scheduled meetings to see if they are still available to convene. Generally, business meetings are not very long so keep introductions and non-work related discussions to a minimum – an hour goes by quickly and you do not want to miss your opportunity to inform them about your services.

Keep your timelines and inform clients ahead of time if you cannot meet the deadline. Whether you are calling or meeting with prospects, you still have to respect their timelines. If a product is needed for a specific time, make sure your customer receives it on time! Delays in receiving products or arriving late for meetings can severely damage business relationships or even cause your client to be reprimanded by their employer.

Offer solutions that are applicable to your prospects business.

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